Media Journal III

On Wednesday, November 23 I successfully  went ~24 hours without any form of media, although that wasn’t my first attempt at it. Before the age of 10 I had no access to electronic media and some written media so I figured this challenge would be a cake walk. It took me a total of 4 attempts before I was able to make the entire 24. I would, out of habit, pick up my phone or turn on the television halfway through the day then start over. On my successful attempt, I called a friend prior to starting the challenge and asked them to come over around 4PM as well as informing all of my other friends that I would be “MIA” for a day. Until about 1:30PM I slept, waiting for the clock to strike 4. At around 4:20 my friend arrived and in the silence of the car we went to the river bank until around 7. After arriving home I lied in bed until I could sleep again and instantly upon waking up in the morning I was using my phone. I didn’t care much for losing my ability to text for a day, no I wanted my phone for something much more important. For the entire 24 hours, I yearned for only one thing, music. Going an entire day without music was painful, to say the least. Suppressing impulses to turn on the radio or find music on YouTube was THE most difficult part of this challenge. Overall, the experience of all three Media Journals most likely won’t change how I approach or view media. It has, however, revealed just how dependent I am on my media now [Particularly music]. If I were to rate on a scale of 1-10 the intensity of my dependence 8 would be the most accurate measure. I implore everyone with media savvy bone  in their body to attempt abstaining from and/or measuring their media use to become just a bit more media conscious.


2 thoughts on “Media Journal III

  1. Going a whole day without music is a very difficult thing to do unless you know how to sing or play an instrument. That was probably the best way to get away from media, which was going to the creek or so. Honestly, if I were to do this project again, I would actually do what you did to get away from any kind of media.


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