Freedom of Speech in School

A common topic of discussion advocates of free speech is the lack of creative expression in schools and the workplace. Currently, creative freedoms are only protected from governmental denial and companies have the power to limit expression as they wish. I agree with the notion that business should be allowed to limit what opinions their employees publically express in order to protect their brands/ businesses. When talking public school specifically the conversation becomes complicated as they are funded by the state.  Personally, I feel as though this reason alone justifies allowing expressive freedoms (Nonviolent and not obscene mind you) in schools.


Goverment Censorship

The thought of a totalitarian government hold over the media, and by extension free speech, scares me. Not only is it the lack of free speech this system implies that scares me but the fact that I would most likely die as well. I am of firm belief that ANYTHING that does not directly or indirectly incite violence should be allowed to be voiced. Certain principles, such as free speech, are fundamental to forming a healthy society. This I will defend to my deathbed regardless of governmental regime.