Freedom of Speech in School

A common topic of discussion advocates of free speech is the lack of creative expression in schools and the workplace. Currently, creative freedoms are only protected from governmental denial and companies have the power to limit expression as they wish. I agree with the notion that business should be allowed to limit what opinions their employees publically express in order to protect their brands/ businesses. When talking public school specifically the conversation becomes complicated as they are funded by the state.  Personally, I feel as though this reason alone justifies allowing expressive freedoms (Nonviolent and not obscene mind you) in schools.


Goverment Censorship

The thought of a totalitarian government hold over the media, and by extension free speech, scares me. Not only is it the lack of free speech this system implies that scares me but the fact that I would most likely die as well. I am of firm belief that ANYTHING that does not directly or indirectly incite violence should be allowed to be voiced. Certain principles, such as free speech, are fundamental to forming a healthy society. This I will defend to my deathbed regardless of governmental regime.

What is the Internet [Brief Summary]

For as long as I’ve been alive the Internet has existed, actually, exactly 29 years prior in 1969 when ARPANET was established. ARPANET was created by the U.S. Department of Defence and was created for just that, reliable defence of the country through communication. In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, ARPANET was defunct and what we know now as the Internet was here, born of several and owned by none.

Censorship of Writing by Parents

Books are important and necessary for a child to begin shaping ideas and interpreting the world around them. Books given to youth typically can’t be too controversial, however, some controversy and varied ideas are needed for a child to form a heathy world view. Allowing parents to eliminate an idea from school libraries that they don’t personally agree with compromises the learning of students for the beliefs of the parents. Varying ideas and belief help children see the world as more than a fight of “right vs wrong”and instead promotes the idea that different doesn’t always mean bad.

Media’s Role in Society’s Plights

The mediums through which media is transferred are ever evolving to provide more accurate news to a greater number of people. As we learn more and more about our society we come to the realization that everything is not as tranquil as it may have seemed. New mediums such as the Internet allow for the worst of mankind to be broadcast to millions of eyes and ears around the world, and as you would expect this leads to people who are not well versed in modern to believe that the medium itself is cause this. The mediums in which we receive media doesn’t create the information, it acts more as a messenger for things that are already happening. Before the Internet and television  situations like the Brock Turner rape, BLM, and the Ryan Locke scandal would have flown under the radar. Without a way to get information to different groups and people, our progress as humans would stagnate and we wouldn’t be able to improve. The media shows us how bleak the current world is and always has been, the difference now is that we have the knowledge to change it.