Media Journal 1

img_0010     Interviewing my 42 year-old father yielded results completely different from what I expected. I was surprised by our similarities in media usage and overall view of the media. My father, Sammy Range, is a frequent media user and relies on media for not only entertainment but for mostly information. With him being a freight truck driver it’s not surprising that most of his media usage comes through radio, however, I am quite surprised that YouTube is his favorite source of media much like myself. The internet seems like a centralizing medium that attracts people of most ages and backgrounds with varying motives for it’s use. Unlike my father who uses media primarily for informational use, I and most others of my generation find our entertainment through media. Being born into a world of unlimited information has desensitized us to the fact that we have it. We as a generation have become numb to the “information highway” while older generations are either fascinated or terrified of it, and as a result this drastically changes the how we use media compared to other generations rather than what media we use.